Coyuchi Art Direction

Coyuchi brand photography aims to express life through the lens of its products.

Art direction plays a huge role in the brand as Coyuchi wanted a distinct voice in their storytelling through visual mediums, as well as creating differentiation amongst our peers. It was my job to relook at all of our photography and find a better way to capture the texture, drape, and movement of our fibers. Showcasing our legacy through process and lifestyle, we create a distinct visual expression that evokes warmth and spurs desire.

Every product that Coyuchi has to offer–from sheets to towels–was reinvisioned how to style to show off the drape and texture. We aimed for clean stacks that weren’t too stiff. Playful drapes that weren’t messy. Playing with light to show how the colors look in highlight and shadows. We saw that the new art direction was successful since we started selling old product that Coyuchi has had for seasons simply by updating the photography.


  • Photographer – Kirby Stenger | Matt Sartain
  • Digital Tech – Alex Silva | Steph Meyers
  • Video Production – Hale Production
  • Soft Goods Stylist – Hannah Phal
  • Hard Goods Stylist – OMA Creative
  • Marketing – Sejal Solanki
  • Head of Design – Lindsey Meyer

Areas of Focus

  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Ad Marketing

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