Design Proposal

Warby Parker’s brand is tailored to the sophisticated, educated, bookworms and urbanites. They create stylish, vintage looking frames for the modern, new age business person. Their brand is sleek and minimal, which juxtaposes the vintage style of their frames. While Warby Parker has a cohesive brand, their advirtising needs to reflect their company more. Most of their current advirtising focuses of selling a lifestyle-what the customer would be like if they bought these glasses. Since most of their competitors have the same advirtising direction, Warby Parker should move in a different direction. This company should focus more on selling the experience of Warby Parker. They have such a unique selling strategy-from photobooths in their stores to their home try-on program, there are so any ways the customers can connect to this company through these experiences.

The campaign will include a commercial, three print ads, a guerilla campaign, and an app. It must stay true to the sleek and sophisticated brand that is Warby Parker. This campaign proposal focuses primarily on the Warby Parker Home Try-On through the use of social media. While keeping with Warby Parkers current brand and target audience, urban millennials, they hope to enhance the credibility of Warby Parker through the use of social media. The target audience are extraverted twenty to thirty years olds who are highly educated, and enjoy immersing themselves in social media. They want the target audience to not only think of Warby Parker as a eyewear company, but as their valued friend that is willing to help them out. Warby Parker hopes to build a better community with their customers, and in return have their customers build a stronger connection with their friends and community. Because friends know what’s best. So Warby is here to help you decide.


Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects