Riley Rose

In-Store Display & Signage


Forever21 wanted to branch out of their fashion market into the Beauty industry, and that’s how Riley Rose came to life. The concept for their new beauty store is to target Millennials and Get Z consumers with a brightly lit space, plenty of pink accents, and isles of beauty products that are all free to test and play with in the store. Riley Rose asked H2O+ Beauty to be a part of their grand opening store in Glendale Galleria, and also their 10 other stores opening across the US. As part of the creative team at H2O+ Beauty, I was tasked with designing the shelf display for their beauty products. Since most customers shopping in Riley Rose might be new to the brand, we wanted to have an inviting display that would encourage customers to test out the products, while also informing customers on how to best use H2O+ Beauty’s products. While H2O+ Beauty’s main brand color is blue, we added pops of other bright colors that would fit into Riley Rose’s fun and young lifestyle brand.

Art Direction by Katrina Firenze. Copy by Alex Holmes. Shelf Signs and Display by Lindsey Meyer.


H2O+ Beauty


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Rendering of the flagship store in the Glendale Galleria. Photo by Riley Rose.

Header sign quickly helps identify the brand
Acrylic wave adds definition to the shelf and highlight the best selling products
Shelf strips quickly announce the type of product on each shelf, while hand written notes on each side add personality and quirkiness to the shelf
Shelf signs show off unique texture to the consumer while also explaining how to use a specific product

The tester panel has a functional purpose of keeping the products in place and listing the price. But we added handwritten notes on specific product that act as a personal assistant to the consumer in order help the customers better decide on what product to buy.