H2O+ Beauty’s Oasis Hydrating Treatment has been their #1 best seller since the company was founded in 1989. It’s hydrating gel technology and unique aqua blue color has been its key selling point. But in the beauty industry where there’s already hundreds of different moisturizers, how can you your product stand out in the crowd?

The marketing team at H2O+ Beauty was tasked with developing a landing page that highlights its star product and to further educate customers on its unique clinical statistics in order to drive sales. The pages focuses on the Hydrating Treatment’s unique “Oasis” blue color, and simplifying clinical studies into visual charts so users could better understand the product’s effectiveness at hydrating skin.

Art direction by Katrina Firenze. Copy by Alex Lemieux. Product strategy by Ally Ng, Marissa Benson, and Sandy Johnson. Web design by Lindsey Meyer.


H2O+ Beauty


Illustrator, Photoshop, Magento

Wireframe vs. Web Page

Desktop Landing Page

Mobile Landing Page