Student Project

Black Box Brew is a brand new theatre and coffee shop that is opening up in Seattle. They sell coffee, tea, and pastries as well as host performances for actors in a black box. Their mission is to integrate the art of theatre with the art of coffee in one place. Unlike Starbucks and the many other coffee places that occupy the coffee capital of the world, Black Box Brew maintains a sophisticated environment that invites audiences in with the rich smell of coffee, but they stay for the atmosphere and the entertainment.

So much in today’s fast paced world people need everything quick and instant. Black Box Brew invites you to take a breath, sit down for a while, and just enjoy the simple things in life for just a moment. This little coffee shop is unlike anything people have experienced, and would like a logotype and brand that best reflects their uniqueness.


Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign

Now that Black Box Brew has a new logo, they want a letterhead system that best fits their brand. Included is a letterhead, envelope, and business card that displays their new logo and uses their two corporate colors: black and gold. It maintains and upholds to Black Box’s sleek and sophisticated style.

The envelope has the main focus because it’s the first factor that invites people inside to read. The envelope is black with gold trim, and the logo and address are embossed in gold on the front. The letter is sealed shut with a wax seal of the box, so that the audience upon receiving this letter feels like they are receiving an extravagant invitation to an exclusive event.

Once the reader opens the envelope, they’ll notice that the inside is patterned with boxes, which is the main design element that brands all the pieces together. The letterhead is kept simple so that the reader focuses on the message of the text itself rather than being distracted by the composition. The logotype is at the top center of the paper, with the honeycomb box pattern bordering it. The contact info is placed at the bottom left corner of the sheet. And lastly, the business card was designed to grab people’s attention and help them remember the experience. The vertical business card includes the logo on the front and the contact info on the back. All the type is incased in the honeycomb box pattern.

Now that Black Box Brew has a beautiful logotype and the beginnings of a brand identity, they want to create a menu for their variety of coffees, teas, and pastries. They would also like a secondary menu advertising some of their up and coming performances that they’ll be having in the space. The menu should reflect their unique and sophisticated design that is the Black Box Brew.

The solution is a traditional folding menu that won’t distract the audience from their surroundings; the audience’s focus to be more on the theatre and coffee, but this menu still has flare too. The front and back cover features the honeycomb box pattern that was featured on the previous envelopes, but it’s ghosted back so it’s more subtle. A new font into the mix, Engravers MT, which proudly showcases most of the items and their prices. Specials of the season are written in in logotype’s font, Muncie.

These two typefaces contrast perfectly to create the flawless little black book. For the secondary menu is a ticket stub for guests to receive upon entering the Black Box. The front shows all the information about the performance, while the back is a coupon where guests can receive a special drink of the day.