It’s almost been a month of me living in San Francisco. I still can’t believe I’m living in such a great city. I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve done all the cliche things like visit the wharf and drink coffee from blue bottle, but I’ve also been finding new and cool places to see and explore. Plus the weather has been a nice 70 degrees and slightly overcast most days. I know most of my friends back home are dying in 100 degree weather, so I’d say I’m pretty lucky. It’s amazing up here.

My boyfriend and I are in love with our apartment. We’re still kind of living out of cardboard boxes and mattresses on the floor, but we’re slowly putting things on the wall and making it feel like home. This week the rest of my roommates are moving in, so we finally get to have more company around. Everything is slowly coming together.

I’ve been grinding away trying to find a full-time graphic design job. I’ve had a couple interviews (haven’t heard back yet, wish me luck!) so I say things are going well. The job process is too slow for me. I wish I just had a nice job already, but I know things are working out the way they need to.

I made this little animation to commemorate my time up here. Hope you enjoyed the little update on my life. Have a great day!

-The Lovely Lindsey