Happy Monday! As you probably already heard, in about a month I’m getting on a plane and going to Europe for the first time! I’m going to be spending three weeks interning in London for a very great company with some pretty great people. We just got debriefed on our assignment and in a few weeks we’ll begin prep work before we head abroad to finish the project. I’m pretty nervous to be working on a project so big, but I know we’ll all do great. I’ll give you more details on the project once we’re done.
But that’s not all I’m doing while I’m there. It’s true I’ll be working Mon-Fri 9 to 5, but I get my weekends and evenings to go explore all of London. I’m so excited, I can’t stop thinking about all the things I could do. I’m going to try and find the best coffee shop for my morning coffee, the best pubs for when I’m off work, and any other great place I can find. I’m slightly disappointed because I bought my boyfriend tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages, and it happened to fall on the same day as my trip. That just means I have to go see Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre to make up for it (Sorry Joey, my performance will be better than yours.) Also, France is two hours away from London. So my friend and I are already talking about taking a train ride to Paris for the weekend. London and Paris in one trip?? I’m pretty damn lucky.
The past few weeks I’ve been focusing on what I’m going to need for London. This is my first time abroad (besides my cross country roadtrip to Canada) so I needed to get a lot of things so I’m prepared for my trip. The first thing I bought was this two-face watch. The black clock face is set for London time while the white clock face is set for California time. How cute is that? I bought it a few months back when I was unsure if I wanted to go to London. I decided to get it as a reminder that I’m working towards something great, and that I deserved to go on this once in a lifetime trip. I think it’s going to become pretty handy when I’m over there and I want to call my parents back home.
The next thing I bought was this cute travel wallet. I was looking for something to hold my passport, and I found this wallet. It holds not only my passport, but my plane & train tickets, money, credit cards, a pen, and my room key. So convenient and cute! I’m thinking I can just take this when I’m out running quick errands instead of taking my big bag everywhere I go. It’s on sale over at mochithings, so go get one!
I also bought this cute phone case for my massive new phone. Yes, that’s the iphone six plus. Yes, I know it’s huge. But I’m in love with it. I’m used to it now, so my old phone seems super tiny in comparison. I don’t know how I used it before. I also bought this wallet that fits my phone since it no longer fits in my pocket (major downside, but I’ll get over it).

I’m still in the process of deciding what bag to bring. I need a carry on bag that will hold my laptop and camera for when I’m on the plane, but it also needs to be sturdy enough when I ride a bike, since that’s how I’m going to be commuting to work (I’m scared of the tube…). This leather bag I’ve been using as my school bag for the last three years and I’m obsessed with it. It can hold my laptop, a notebook, my charger, and anything else I need. I’m just worried about slinging this on my back when I’m riding on a bike. I think I might have to switch to a backpack. If you have any suggestions for my I would love to know!

I’m still also trying to figure out what clothes to bring. Three weeks is a long time, so I want to be prepared! My friends who’ve been to London before told me the weather is nice in the summer. It’s usually around 80 Degrees, or 30 Celsius (which I need to start getting used to), but it rains about 50% of the time. I’m thinking about taking this rain coat because it keeps me very dry, but I think it might be too hot. Maybe I’ll just have to buy a light windbreaker to wear whenever those storms come around.

So that’s all the stuff I got for now. I’ll probably make one more post before I leave just to remind myself that I’m prepared for this trip. Are you going anywhere exciting this summer? I’d love to know! Until next time, enjoy your summer!
-The Lovely Lindsey