Greetings. School is out and summer is officially here, which means it’s time for new and exciting things. So many things are happening in my life in the next few months.
  • I’m going to spend the month of July abroad in London. There I’m going to be working a design internship for “The British NASA” working on a campaign for space exploration. (I’m going to make another post all about my London prep stuff soon!)
  • I’m going to be moving into an apartments with some pretty rad¬†people for my final year at college.
  • By the end of the summer, my family is probably going to be moving out of our home that we’ve lived in for 16 years, which means I’ll probably be spending less time in Santa Clarita.
  • Also by the end of the summer, my boyfriend is going to move out to San Fransisco to study theatre at SFSU. And while I’m so excited for him, I dread having to do the whole long distance thing…
This is all a little scary to think about, but I’m ready for life to start moving forward. I feel like this past year my life has been pretty stagnant, and now everything is changing around me. I’m nervous, anxious, and excited all at once. Let’s see how well everything goes.
That’s all I got for now. I’ll be updated this site a lot in the summer, so stay tuned!
-The Lovely Lindsey